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Getting Started with SocialMate

Welcome to SocialMate a No-Code Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM.

What SocialMate can do ? #

SocialMate can do much more that a chatbot platform as you can do that following

  • Create Awesome easy chatbot flows for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Automate replies for comments with comment growth tool.
  • Generate leads with many other growth tools.
  • Organize page content with social poster.
  • Start selling in chat with SocialMate full Ecommerce System.
  • SMS and E-Mail marketing with your favorite providers
  • Connecting to other platforms with JSON API’s.
  • Hidden Interests Explorer tool is available to target new niches you don’t know about.

SocialMate is Ideal for many businesses like retails, restaurants, ecommerce and more.

How can I get started ? #

After free Account creation:

  1. Log in to Dashboard using your Facebook account or Google Account.
  2. Connect your Facebook page under Import Accounts menu.
  3. Connect the bot and Start building your flows.

You must be an admin of the page to do this, Also for Instagram accounts must be connected to Facebook Pages.

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