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 How to Bring Visitors to Your Messenger

No doubt, this question pops up in almost every conversation with most new brands or people who want to try marketing messages. Since the Messenger platform achieves a more integrated part of the sales and marketing path, it’s important to know what options you can use to increase the number of visits. In this article, we’ll talk about some methods and add some small notes based on the performance of each tool from our experience.

Make an ad and direct it to the messenger

This option is increasingly common, but remains predominantly an unknown area for many brands. Basically, you can redirect the audience of your paid ads directly to your page’s messaging conversation and use chat software for conversations.

Advertising messages

It’s basically very simple, as the option name suggests: You can send a broadcast message to people who have an open conversation with your page (i.e. a conversation started earlier and the conversation has not been deleted since) as an announcement. Promotional messages are an exception to the 24 + 1 Broadcast rule in Messenger, this can be an effective way to re-attract users who have been inactive for a long time.

Customer Chat Plugin

This assistive software is a great tool to route traffic from your website or your destination page directly to Messenger. Because it doesn’t require any programming to publish, it can be done in just a few minutes.

Discover the tab in Messenger

You must register your page on the Messenger Discovery Settings tab and it usually takes a long review period, because it takes a little effort, you can do it (the whole process takes about 10 minutes), but don’t expect big results from this feature in its current form.

Links (M.E.)

Popular, you should always enhance your Messenger experience and message marketing efforts using the link for your page.

Messaging codes

Messaging codes, like QR codes, can be printed or displayed in ads, brochures, posters, and other materials.

Assistive Software – Send to (Send to Messenger plugin)

This plug-in puts a button on your website (or cart, for example), where users can subscribe to your Messenger experience. A button can be customized in several ways: changing its appearance and color, but more importantly the urge to click on it.

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