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Messenger & DM Chatbot Builder

Automate conversations in Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages to grow your brand.


Messenger & DM Flow Builder

One graphical editor, you can easily build a bot without moving to different parts of the platform.

Conditional Reply

Conditional Reply

You can build a condition and rules-based messenger bot that can talk to people intelligently.
Custom Fields

Custom Fields

collect data from users inside Messenger. It can be used for any kind of reservation, booking, get order, proposal submission, collect email, collect phone number etc.


Each message has a counter that shows the number of subscribers, the delivery percentage, and sent times. You can also check the insight of the messenger bot.
Messenger Engagment Messenger & DM Bot Builder

Generate more leads

Direct Customers to Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot from Anywhere

SocialMate's messenger Growth tools allows you to create a link for your chatbot that can be accessed from any channel, including your website, email, or text message.

Keep your customers

Attract .. Engage .. Bring back

You can create new ways to interact with your customers and provide support throughout their entire journey. You can also send re-engaged messages to keep in touch with them.

Attract .. Engage .. Bring back Messenger & DM Bot Builder

You can count on SocialMate

Our extensive library of tutorials, guides, and best practices can help you get started,you can count on us to get the help you need.

Blog Messenger & DM Bot Builder


Get great ideas to automate your business.
Knolagebase Messenger & DM Bot Builder


Detailed documentation that will guide you.
Community Messenger & DM Bot Builder


Ask the community and share your experience.

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